Prayer Requests/Solicitudes de oraciones

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Date Submitted/Fecha enviado
Person Submitting Prayer Request/Persona que presenta la solicitud de oración
Prayer Request/Solicitud de oración
5/27/2020 16:09 Anonymous - Please pray for the successful eye surgery for Annabella aged 3 and her brother aged 1 - tomorrow, May 28.
5/11/2020 21:35 Denise Soto Please pray the peace and comfort for Julie Coelho as she entered hospice and prepares for her transition to the end of her life here on earth . And for her family.
5/17/2020 12:05 GONZÃLES FAMILY Dear God,

We lift up in prayer your son Juan Manuel Gonzales whom is battling Cancer. May it be Your Will for the health of your son Juan Manuel and the future of our family. Please give him the strength, love, peace & faith he needs to carry his cross through this journey in life. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you God for always answering our Prayers.
5/18/2020 11:52 Anonymous Please pray for Francine Kubasek as she continues dealing with health challenges. May God give her the strength and courage she needs.
5/22/2020 8:09 Doris von Rotz Gary Kaufman whose liver is failing.

Francine Kubasek
5/22/2020 17:32 Anonimo Oremos por la recuperacion de mi hija Lizzette que esta enferma y primero Dios se recupere pronto


4/20/2020 7:06 Anonymous May the Lord strengthen and comfort Linda Candelaria-Baeza and the whole Candelaria-Baeza family. Manuel Baeza went home to the Lord early this morning. 
4/22/2020 14:09 Albert Campos Please pray for Albert Campos, he suffered a stroke on Saturday April 18th. He is recovering at home now with his family.
4/30/2020 9:32 Anonymous Pray for Karl Grothues who is recovering from an injury. May his complete healing be swift. With our Blessed Mother watching over him.
5/3/2020 8:24 Anonymous Hortensia Coy who is suffering from leukemia.
5/6/2020 9:20 Carmella Gaytan Recovering from surgery and for the start of Chemo Therapy again.
5/6/2020 12:19 Anonymous Please pray for José Luis Ruiz. He has been diagnosed today 5-6-2020 with 3 sections of his stomach with cancer.