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Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign/PSA Project List

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dedication of our church building last year in 2021 and 75th anniversary of the establishment of our parish this year in 2022, we continue the Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign in conjunction with the annual diocesan Pastoral Services Appeal (“PSA”).  We will conclude this Capital Campaign this year on December 31, 2022.

Rebates from PSA for Capital Campaign

Each year the PSA provides essential funding to support formation, education, and outreach across our Diocese, including –

  • Support services to more than 615,000 families through Catholic Charities,
  • Formation for seminarians and ongoing education for our priests and deacons, and
  • Retirement support for our retired diocesan priests.

For our part to support these important ministries, our OLG parish community has committed to raise $124,000 for the 2022 PSA.

As in previous years, after we have reached the amount of our parish commitment of $124,000 for the 2022 PSA, all additional monies will be rebated back to the parish.  Continuing through December 31, 2022, our parish’s PSA rebates will be applied to the Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign.

Partial List of Projects to Be Funded

Our parish Building Committee and parish staff have prepared a list of projects for which to raise funds in our Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign.   Most of the items on this list are renovation and maintenance projects for our buildings and facilities, while others are things and accoutrements that we use in our various parish ministries and activities.  The standard for deciding whether particular items should be included on the list has been whether a particular expenditure would be helpful to our parish ministries and activities –

  • For our parish to grow as a Christ-centered, welcoming community of faith
  • For us to deepen in our relationship with God and one another and in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ

The estimated cost of all of the items on this list is $5.9 million (which includes setting aside some money in savings for future generations to use on these and other parish projects that arise at that time).  Our goal, then, is to raise $5.9 million in PSA rebates for the Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign between now and December 31, 2022.

Following is a partial list of projects to be funded by the Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign/PSA:

  • New baptismal font and ambo in the church – moving and repurposing the old baptismal font and using marble from the old communion rail.
  • Updating and upgrading the lighting in the church – nave, transept, front portico and mosaic lighting.
  • Updating the bathrooms in the church.
  • Updating and upgrading the thermostats in the church for better control of cooling and heating.
  • Repairing the church windows.
  • Reorganizing and redoing the parking lot, including new designated pedestrian passageways, new green spaces, a new picnic area, and new outdoor Stations of the Cross.
  • New energy-efficient windows, LED lighting and solar panels for our school and faith formation programs.
  • Upgrading and updating the lighting in Coleman Center with dimmable LED lights.
  • New projector and screen system in Coleman Center.

Click here for the current, complete list of projects.

How to Contribute

You may contribute to the Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign/PSA –

Donor Recognition on Tree of Life

Donors to the Building Today for Tomorrow Capital Campaign/PSA will continue to have the opportunity to be recognized on the Tree of Life in the Coleman Center entry hallway.  Following are the current required donation amounts for various levels of recognition on the Tree of Life:


Part on Tree of Life

Required Donation





Large Rock



Medium Rock



Small Rock






Gold Double Leaf



Copper Leaf



Gold Leaf


Note that the required donation amounts for the various levels of recognition have been adjusted for inflation from the original amounts, especially to reflect the steep increases in construction costs in recent years.