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Religious Freedom Week June 22-29/ Junio 22-29 Semana de La Libertad Religiosa

Jun 20, 2019

The Church in the United States stands in solidarity with Christians in the Middle East. Pray that our Christian sisters and brothers in the Middle East, and all religious minorities, who are suffering from attacks by extremists and interminable conflicts may be freed from violent persecution. Consider joining efforts to support Middle Eastern Christians with a donation to the Knights of Columbus, Aid to the Church in Need, Catholic Relief Services, and Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

La Iglesia en Estados Unidos se solidariza con los cristianos en el Medio Oriente. Reza para que nuestras hermanas y hermanos cristianos en el Medio Oriente, y todas las minorías religiosas que sufren ataques de extremistas y conflictos interminables, puedan liberarse de la persecución violenta. Considera unir esfuerzos para apoyar a los cristianos en Medio Oriente realizando un donativo a los Caballeros de Colón, Ayuda a la Iglesia Necesitada, Catholic Relief Services o Catholic Near East Welfare Association.


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