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New Books at St. Paul Mission Circle Gift Shop.

When the Saints Came Marching In by Kathy Coffey. We see God’s creative genius with remarkable men and women here in the U.S. who tried something new in health care, science, education, and race or labor relations. Coffey celebrates the remarkable lives and experience of holy explorers of faith whose stories continue to inspire today’s pioneers.

Everday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting. Author Laura Kelly Fanucci sees the Catholic sacraments through the smudged and sticky lens of life with little ones. A spiritual memoir of parenting’s early years and a sacramental theology rooted in family life.

Our Estate Sale of Religious Books concludes this month with 75% off the market price. Come and check out the variety of titles.

Thank you for supporting our Missionaries by shopping in our gift shop, located inside the northeast entrance of the church. We’re open before and after weekend Masses.


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