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FAMILIES in the Holy Spirit RENEWING the Face of the Earth

  • What are the priorities of the family?
  • Where is the place of money? 
  • How does the family use its time?
  • Where is it going?

Make time to be a Christian Family. Have daily family prayer, and bless the children too! Do some relational type of family recreation at least weekly. Spend some meal times together as a family. The building of a strong Christian family requires some spiritual effort. Open your homes to God's outpouring of strength, wisdom, and grace . . . through prayers and fasting!

Couples For Christ Family Ministries will have an Orientation Meeting Saturday, March 23, at 5:30 p.m.  in Coleman Center. Food & drinks will be served.

Come and see if one of our ministries is right for you!

For more details, see the parish website: Be Involved  > Parish Organizations & Groups > Couples for Christ Family Ministries


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