February 2018 archive of What's New? From Our Parish/De Nuestra Parroquia

February 2018 archive of What's New? From Our Parish/De Nuestra Parroquia

In the spirit of Lent, this year’s 40 Days for Life Campaign/   Con el espíritu de la Cuaresma, la Campaña de 40 Días por la Vida

Posted by Norma Huerta on 2/03/18

Will take place Ash Wednesday, February 14, through March 25 outside the Planned Parenthood facility in the city of Anaheim at 303 W. Lincoln Ave., #105 (easy parking at St. Boniface Church). Please join our diocese in this nation-wide pro-life effort in prayer and fasting for an end to abortion.

      A group of OLG parishioners have committed themselves to cover the Wednesday morning shift, leaving every Wednesday morning after the 7:45 a.m. Mass (around 8:20 a.m.) from the OLG parking lot. Please call Laura Torres for more information at (562) ... Read More »

Young Adult Hiking Keep Fit, Body and Soul

Posted by Norma Huerta on 2/03/18

OLG’s Small Group Ministry is starting a “Young Adult Hiking Group” to share prayer, scripture, life, fellowship, and exercise on Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Ages 18 and up. For location and further information, contact Nick Rawe: text (213) 703-5220 or email: [email protected]

Reflections from the Gloria Dei Choir

Posted by Norma Huerta on 2/03/18

For the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Gloria Dei Choir sings Vicente Chavarría’s arrangement of John Foley’s congregational song “The Cry of the Poor.” Foley (b. 1939) is among the best-known of the St. Louis Jesuits, a group of fellow seminarians that included Dan Schutte, Bob Dufford, and ... Read More »

We welcome into our faith community the following children who were recently baptized/ Bienvenidos a nuestra comunidad  de fe a los siguientes niños que fueron bautizados recientemente:  

Posted by Norma Huerta on 2/03/18


Leilani Aguilar Solis

Erik Bribiesca

Jisselle Cuevas

Alexander Diaz

Jordan Alexa Anonat Donor

Mason Bryant Fuller

Jonathan Garcia

Evelyn Penelope Ham

Kayla Ham

Anakin Sky Hernandez

Xavier Anthony Hernandez

Frida Alexa Ku

Yaax Ku

Alonso Rosebel Lopez

Silveranne Celeste Muñoz

Greyson Eduardo Oliveria

Gael Mateo Portillo

Daniel Valenzuela

... Read More »

Latest News About PSA/ Nuevas noticias tocante PSA

Posted by Connie Sanchez on 2/02/18

 Click here for more information/ Haga clic aqui para mas información

Father, we pray for healing and strength for/ Dios Padre, rezamos por la sanación y fuerza de:

Posted by Norma Huerta on 1/31/18

Patricia Bernal

Msgr. Jack Campbell

Penny Eckhoff

Alice Rodriguez

Carmen Shepard

Sharon Thornton

Lord, grant your eternal peace to/ Señor Dios, concédeles tu eterna paz a:

Posted by Norma Huerta on 1/31/18

Consuelo Ortega


El Señor es mi pastor, nada me falta.

      The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.



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