St. Paul Mission Circle

What is the St. Paul Mission Circle?

The St. Paul Mission Circle is a group of Catholic women and men who donate their time, talent, and treasure to support missionaries stationed worldwide, some as far as Kenya, and others as close as La Habra.

Fundraiser events are held to support these missionaries with $100 each month or more, if we can. The Mission Circle also operates the Gift Shop of religious books and goods at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, which is open before and after Saturday and Sunday Masses. Through these efforts and the prayers and support of the community, our Mission Circle has been able to support missionaries for 50 years!

Meet our Missionaries

Bishop Peter Kihara: 

Is a Consolata Missionary is Marsabit, Kenya in Africa. In his words,  "It is difficult for the desperate people we serve to have hope and self-confidence in the future." Because drought and famine are so prevalent in Africa, they have used our donations to buy water for the people of their ministry.

Reverend Father Joseph Costa:

Is also of the Consolata Missionaries, is stationed in Mozambique, Africa. He administers to a huge mission including a parish church and 22 distant chapels he visits to care for the sick and minister to the couples and the youth. From a letter, he writes, "We can see the joy of a young, flourishing church," but he faces the huge challenge of AIDS. At present, more teachers die of AIDS than those who are graduated from his schools.

Sister Alicia Rivera with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange:

Performs extensive work in Tijuana, Mexico. There are eleven mission churches there, and these Sisters are responsible for two of them. Organizing First Communion and Confirmation classes will translate into a need for more catechists, teachers, and more support from us.

Brothers of Charity, Brother Alejandro Ramirez Vela:

Was founded by Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The Brothers of Charity in Los Angeles is headed by Brother Alejandro Ramirez Vela. Along with others in his community, he ministers to the needs of the poor in Los Angeles- the people who live on the streets and have no one. The Brothers pass out blankets and food, advice and counseling when needed. Their ministry is primarily to bring God's love to the poorest.

La Habra Life Center, Mecki Grothues:

Is a local missionary group we support, which is well known for it's charitable works supporting Right to Life. Not only does the center help women in crisis pregnancies choose life, but it also helps mothers by providing food, clothing, and shelter when needed.

Patsy O'Toole with the Sisters of Charity:

Located in Botswana, Africa, maintains an orphanage for the children, as well as several Hospice day centers for the people suffering from AIDS. There is a great need for our help in Southern Africa where AIDS and HIV is prevalent everywhere. Working with the youth can bring about a transformation in their lives and, hopefully, reduce HIV/AIDS in the country. 

Reverend Mario Alberto Escalante Lopez:

Is a missionary and the Director of Niños Don Bosco in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Their mission is to the  street children, who are trained and educated for their future in society. In the spirit of St. John Bosco, teachers, volunteers and staff give hands-on training. These youth are housed in more than a home - they are given a place where love and caring go hand in  hand with education and discipline.

Sister Ida Berresheim with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet:

Ministers to an orphanage in Huanuco, Peru. Formerly, the orphanage was just for boys, but now the Sisters are able to also take in some girls. Recently, four Peruvian girls professed first vows as Sisters of St. Joseph in Lima, Peru.


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