Mama Maria's

Our new parish outreach ministry, Mama Maria’s, will focus on supporting those in immediate temporary need due to death, illness or loss of job and helping those who are helping themselves to improve their situation.  Our parish "Operation Sandwich" also will continue its important work as part of our Mama Maria's outreach ministry.  (Donations to our parish “Our Brothers and Sisters in Need” fund are now being used to provide various types of assistance to the poor of our community through Mama Maria’s and Operation Sandwich.)

Food and toiletries collected through the monthly Knights of Columbus Food Drive also will be distributed to the poor of our community through Mama Maria's.  Mama Maria’s will be adding Mondays to the Food Pantry Distribution which will be staffed and supported by volunteers to reach more families suffering from food insecurities.  We are successfully setting up a system to distribute the FREE food available through Second Harvest and Community Action Partners of Orange County (CAP OC).  Mama Maria’s also will be supporting the City of La Habra’s “Move More Eat Healthy” initiative by bringing healthy foods to those in need in addition to nutrition education.

Mama Maria’s will provide MANY volunteer opportunities with a special focus on our youth in our parish school and faith formation programs.  Thanks to the collaboration of the City of La Habra and the Gary Center, we are operating out of the original Gary Center buildings at 341 Hillcrest at no cost.  This has allowed us to expand the outreach with the collaboration of other churches to increase and better serve our residents AND homeless neighbors. 

Working closely with the La Habra Police Department, City-Net, La Habra Community Services Department, La Habra City School District Community Liaisons and other churches in La Habra, we will revolutionize how we serve those who are in need in our community of La Habra.

Contact/Contactar:  Scott Miller – (562) 691-0533, email/correro electrónico: