Building Today for Tomorrow

Preparing to Celebrate

Several years from now, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish will celebrate two important anniversaries: in 2021, the 50th anniversary of the dedication of our church building, and in 2022, the 75th anniversary of the establishment of our parish.  There will be many opportunities to celebrate these significant milestones when time comes.  But now is a good time for our parish family to begin preparing spiritually for these celebrations, expressing our gratitude to God for all of the gifts and blessings that he has poured upon us and renewing our discipleship as members of our OLG parish community.  It is in that spirit that we are continuing the “Building Today for Tomorrow" campaign first begun following the 50th anniversary of the parish in 1997.

Building Today for Tomorrow

Long-time parishioners will remember that in the years following the 50th anniversary of the parish, the “Building Today for Tomorrow” capital campaign was begun to raise funds to renovate Coleman Center and for other improvements on our parish campus.  The “Building Today for Tomorrow" capital campaign was never officially closed out, although it has been inactive for some years now.  As part of our preparation to celebrate the anniversaries of the dedication of our church building in 2021 and establishment of our parish in 2022, we will continue the “Building Today for Tomorrow” capital campaign in conjunction with the annual diocesan Pastoral Services Appeal, beginning in January 2019 and concluding in our 75th-anniversary year on December 31, 2022.  More information about that fund-raising aspect of “Building Today for Tomorrow” will be provided in January 2019 as we enter into the 2019 Pastoral Services Appeal.

Truly “Building Today for Tomorrow” must be about more than just raising funds, though.  As we continue the “Building Today for Tomorrow” campaign over the next several years, we will expand it to include faith renewal and evangelization.  Thus, going forward, “Building Today for Tomorrow” will include building on our faith and discipleship as well as building on the membership of our OLG parish community, today for tomorrow.  Two ways of doing so will be our participation in the evangelization program Alpha and the faith renewal video and study program Catholicism by Bishop Robert Barron.

More information about Alpha

More information about Catholicism