L.I.F.T. Team

L.I.F.T. stands for Leading in Faith Together and this is exactly what this team does as they lead the Confirmation candidates through small groups, retreats, and by being the example for them through many of our Youth Ministry events.  This team is comprised of recently confirmed, young adults who have stayed with the team and a small group of catechists who have partnered with the young people to provide an exceptional experience for our young people in Confirmation.  Our L.I.F.T. Team meets on Mondays to build community as well as continue our spiritual formation.  They also plan several retreats throughout the year.  This team is committed to the Confirmation Program and many of them volunteer in other aspects of Youth Ministry and our Church.  If you would like more information on this team and how to join, please email Ray Hernandez.  



The L.I.F.T. Team members for the 2017-2018 school year are:

James Da Silva Jon Anderson Miguel Aguirre
Andrea Torres Maggie Tapper Nick Rawe
Natalie Aguirre Jaime Alvarez Kaylee Cruz
Nathan Delgado Georgina Euan Shealyn Fitzsimons
Erika Garcia Ashley Graciano Brittany Jimenez
Cristian Lopez Fabian Lopez Joseph Luna
Suzanne Mejia Nancy Nava Carlos Penilla
Cielo Penilla Jose Angel Flores Pompa Carolina Romero
Joshua Rosales Destiny Sanchez Gavin Schmidt
Allegra Torres Andrea Vallejo Adrian Velasquez
Michael Zavaleta